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DOT Promises to Clear Raleigh Secondary Streets, Subdivisions

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RALEIGH — The roads are in better shape, but that does not mean you will not get stuck spinning your wheels. Some people think they have been left out in the cold by road clearing crews.

The fact that highway traffic is moving along does not really matter if you cannot get out of your cul-de-sac.

There are roads in worse condition than Lynndale Drive in North Raleigh. But, for Al Ragland, enough was enough. He got out the shovel and tried to dig the street out himself.

Monday marks a week at home for many people, like Ragland, across the area who live in cul-de-sacs and residential streets that are last on the road clearing priority list.

Many people say their roads are untouched.

"I'm a little surprised," said Gina Blalock. "I had hoped and thought they would have gotten into some of the secondary roads and neighborhoods and clean them out a little more, but we haven't seen anyone."

In Raleigh, there is now an official promise.

"Given current conditions, the current forecast, [and] rising temperatures, we're optimistic that we will cover most of those streets within the next 24-36 hours," says Mac Jones, Raleigh Street Superintendent.

DOT crews say it could take several more days to get to all of the rural roads, especially non-paved roads.

Frustration is building in the snowed-in neighborhoods. Not only among residents, but with clearing crews.

While crews deal with stuck vehicles and boats stuck in the road, the snow plows can only sit idly by.

The plows were on the move Monday, and some people are finally seeing a welcome sight after a week trapped by the Triangle's record snowfall. The only thing bigger is the job of digging out all the neighborhoods.

If your road needs to be plowed, call your local street maintenance division or the closest office of theDepartment of Transportation.


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