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Triangle Gears Up For 2003 USA Master Games

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A new major sporting event is in the works for the Triangle. The 2003 USA Masters Games would bring thousands of athletes to the area.(WRAL-TV5 News)
RALEIGH — A new major sporting event is in the works for the Triangle. The2003 USA Masters Gameswould bring thousands of adult athletes to the area.

The first couple of games would be held in the Triangle every other year and eventually move around the country. Athletes from Olympians to serious weekend warriors could compete.

"The vast majority of our athletes would be individuals who still take their sport very, very seriously and train very hard for it," says organizer Winkie La Force.

The Masters Games, currently being developed by a division ofCapitol Broadcasting, would have competitions in 15 sports, including baseball, track and field and a variety of water sports. The competition would take place over 10 days.

The USA Masters Games are scheduled for June 2003, but organizers do not appear concerned since the region has hosted numerous Olympic level competitions already.

"There are so many people that are getting involved who have been in event management career for at least 10 years," La Force says.

Adam Gold, radio host forSports Radio 850 The Buzz, says the Masters Games will have to have big-time stars to succeed.

"People will go out to the BTI Champions when Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe are in town, but when you take Connors and McEnroe out of that event, nobody is going to buy a ticket," he says. "It has to be star-driven. If it is not star-driven, then I don't think people are going to watch."

Organizers say it will be a participant-driven event rather than a spectator-driven event.



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