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Metal Detectors, More Police Greet Fans At Chapel Hill H.S. Football Game

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CHAPEL HILL — Metal detectors and more police officers greeted fans at a local football game Friday night. Chapel Hill High hit its home field for the first time sinceshots rang outand the stands emptied two weeks ago.

Fans who wanted to get into the game had to have a ticket and pass through a series of metal detectors. Sixteen officers were present at the game to make sure no one caused any trouble. Fans had mixed reaction to the heightened security measures.

"It ruined a real good game so whatever we can do to prevent something like that happening again, I don't have a problem with it," says fan Mike Angeli.

You don't need all of that because I don't think anyone is going to come to the same school and shoot someone again,"

The school has not decided whether the metal detectors will become a regular fixture at other sporting events.

Chapel Hill won the game against Orange High, 41-0.