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Three Cats Found Dead At Cary Trailer; Woman Faces Animal Cruelty Charges

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Cary Police and Wake County Animal Control found 15 cats, both dead and alive, at a Cary trailer. The owner now faces criminal charges for misdemeanor animal cruelty.(WRAL-TV5 News)
CARY — Cats crawling around outside a Cary mobile home got the neighbors' attention, but no one at Mobile Estates knew about the serious problem inside. A search by police turned up 15 cats, both dead and alive.

Deborah Martinez calledWake County Animal Control, complaining of a bad smell and numerous cats inside and outside the trailer of her neighbor, Phyllis Smith. She also says Smith had not seen her recently.

Cary Police and Animal Control searched the trailer and found the cats and kittens. Three were found dead.

"The blinds weren't torn down when we first moved in, then I noticed they started looking like they were trying to claw their way out," Martinez says.

The house was condemned, and the cats were taken to the Wake County SPCA.

"Someone just takes on too many pets and is unable to provide for them which leads to neglect which, in this case, is cruel," says Capt. Brad Hudson of the Cary Police Department.

The residents who lived near Smith knew she was fond of cats, but they were shocked to find out to what extent.

"One of the neighbors said, 'You know I'm embarrassed, I didn't call,' but she was such a nice lady that I didn't want to get involved," Martinez says.

Smith will make her first court appearance on November 6. She is being charged with multiple counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty.



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