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Recent Incidents Have Parents, School Leaders Discussing Possible Safety Measures

Posted October 17, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Chapel Hill High School leaders and parents are talking security after several violent incidents on campus. They held a violence forum at the high school Wednesday night to discuss possible safety measures.

Two weeks ago, a homecoming football game was canceled in the third quarter after reports of gunshots behind the bleachers. A man was also beaten up at the game.

The school has another home football game on Friday. School leaders have a number of safety measures in place for the game.

"We are increasing the visibility of security on site," says principal Mary Ann Hardebeck. "We will be asking fans to walk through a metal detector, and we will be positioning our security in a different manner so they will be more visible to the crowd."

School leaders say they will evaluate future security plans on an event-by-event basis.