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Second Dog of Missing 4-Year-Old Returns Home....Alone

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ROSEBORO — Little Tristan "Buddy" Myers' second pet dog came home Sunday -- but Buddy was not with her.

Hope has not vanished in Sampson County, but there has been no sign of the 4-year-old for 10 days.

That was when Buddy and his two dogs disappeared. One of the pets, Buck, came home a few days ago.

The family had hoped that when Sasha, a Doberman puppy, came home, Buddy would be with her. Sasha, skinny and skittish, is otherwise OK.

The search and rescue teams tried to backtrack, attempting to follow Sasha's path.

But, coming up with nothing new, one of the searchers, David Carter, said, "Looking for a child that small is like a needle in a haystack."

For the family, the wait is agonizing. "There is nothing else we can do," said cousin Sherry Hicks.

So far, more than 3,000 hours have been spent in a ground search, with another 200 hours by air.

The child's disappearance was featured Saturday night on "America's Most Wanted," and family members are hopeful that leads will be generated by the exposure.

Fliers have been posted around town with Buddy's photo on them.

After 10 days, the authorities are now referring to the work ahead as an investigation, rather than an "active search."

They continue to ask that anyone with information should call the Sampson County Sheriff's Office at910-592-4141.


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