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RDU Cracking Down on Creative Parking

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RDU INTERNATIONAL — Parking atRDU Internationalis getting better, but finding a good spot can still be an adventure. That is why a lot of people make their own parking spaces. That practice, however, is about to change.

Beginning October 31, RDU will bring back a parking policy sure to scare scofflaws. Anyone in unmarked spots will get towed and fined.

After several years of a parking crunch, the airport now has more than 16,000 spaces available, with more on the way.

"We relaxed on some of the people parking illegally until we got the new deck open and began to add capacity at some of the outlying lots," says airport spokesman Mike Blanton. "We now feel we're in a position that we feel that there's plenty of capacity for people who want to park at the airport."

Blanton says the illegal parking has forced travelers to make tight turns, and fire lanes and handicapped access have been blocked.



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