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Chapel Hill, Jordan High Schools Resume Football Game With Added Security Measures

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Students who attended Tuesday's game had to pass through a metal detector and show their school ID.(WRAL-TV5 News)
CHAPEL HILL — One high school football game was not about tackles, sacks and stats. On Tuesday afternoon, it was about security and safety.

Chapel Hill and Durham Jordan high schools held a make-up game Tuesday. Thegame was stoppedwhen someone fired a gun during Friday night's game; players and fans were forced to evacuate the stadium.

Tuesday, students had to pass through a metal detector and show identification before they could go to the stands. Many parents who came to the game were glad to see the school taking extra precautions.

"I'm very glad to see they've increased the security. It's peace of mind," says Melvie Mullin-Kinch, one of the football players' mothers.

Students like Jennifer Watson were also pleased with the added security measures.

"I think it's a good idea. I don't mind it much," she says. "It makes me feel a lot safer to be here."

Chapel Hill High School won the game 14-7.