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Protect Your Plants, Pets from the Big Chill

Posted October 8, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— The coldest October 10th in North Carolina's recorded history was registered Tuesday morning.

  • Raleigh-Durham International Airport set a record with a low of 31.
  • Charlotte-Douglas International Airport had a low of 30 degrees.
  • Wilmington dipped to 36 degrees breaking a record set 1895.Although it just fall, lower-than-normal temperatures could damage, even kill, plants.

    To protect them, bring plants indoors. For plants that cannot come inside? Gardening expert Roy Young says the answer is simple: keep them warm.

    Over the years, Young has helped hundreds of customers weed through the ins and outs of plant and flower care.

    Now that fall is here, his work is just beginning to pick up.

    "We've had several people come out and want to know what they need to do to protect their plants in the winter months," he says."

    "You want to be sure to protect the area around the base of the plant real good, because if you don't, the roots could get real cold. It could kill the plant," he says.

    Wheat straw, pine straw and mulch are all good choices to to pack around the bottom of plants plants. They keep in heat, while still allowing plants to breathe.

    Christine Young says plants and flowers are not the only things that need protection from the cold. Do not forget about your grass.

    "Winterizer is a fertilizer you put on your lawn in the winter months. It helps give your growth for the spring," she says.

    If you are still trying to get your plants through fall, do not worry.

    "You don't have to have a green thumb," says Young. "You just have to want to take care of your plant."

    Do not forget your pets. If you have a dog that stays outside, make sure there is a place for them to keep warm. Better yet, bring them indoors.