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The Great Pumpkin and Friends Are on the Way

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RALEIGH — Now that it finally feels like fall, it is time to leap into the Halloween spirit. And, if they have not already, your children will soon be dragging you to the mall to buy costumes.

Choosing the perfect Halloween costume is a big deal for most children.

For one child, perfection -- on the ride to the store -- might be a dragon or a puppy, but on arrival, the choices pushed dragons and puppies out of the spotlight.

The manager at Party City in Raleigh says TV and movie characters have been the hottest sellers so far this year.

Teletubbies, Power Rangers, Blues Clues and Pokemon -- each has fans. Another new favorite this year is the Powerpuff Girls.

Of course, the classic superheroes, such as Batman, never go out of style.

Perhaps more important than the type of costume your child chooses is to make sure it fits. It becomes a safety issue as they scamper across yards and make their way down streets while trick-or-treating..

It could be cold on Halloween. Before checking theforecast, check to make sure the costume will allow for warmer clothes to go underneath or on top, and that your child can move easily.

Parents should remember as they head to the store this Halloween season to pack some patience as well.

Younger children are just learning how to make choices, and typical costume shops have a bewildering array. The family's little ballet dancer may become a princess or a genie or a witch. Or maybe an astronaut would be fun....

As for how much you will spend to deck your little one out for Halloween -- or yourself -- American Express says most of us spend about $27 per costume!


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