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Elm City's Water Problems Force Two Schools To Close Early

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WILSON — AWilson Countytown that has been flooded with water problems over the last few months is facing more tap troubles. Two Elm City schools were forced to close early Friday because there was not even enough water to flush the toilets or get a drink of water.

The water pressure is down to a trickle again in Elm City. Both of the town's elementary and middle schools had to shut down their classes early for the second time in a month. Some parents were aggravated about the water shortage.

"I've got a wife that's an assistant at Elm City Elementary and a son in the middle school," says parent Randy Jenkins. "He had to walk across town to come to where his Mom was."

"In order to dismiss our students, we have to make contact with all of our parents," says principal George Lanier. "Some of the parents are operating heavy machines at the different businesses, and they just can't quit."

Every teacher, including Crystal Barnes, has to put another lesson plan on hold.

"Of course, we don't want it to keep happening over and over, but we can catch up," she says. "Of course, it's going to put a bump in our day or next week, but we'll catch up and get where we need to be."

A permanent fix is in the works. The city ofWilsonhas agreed to pump some of its own water to Elm City's tower, but that will take about four months to put in place.

Several parents have contacted the governor's office about the problem. School leaders do not yet know if class will resume Monday morning.



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