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N.C. State Students Take A 'Night Walk' To Promote Safety

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RALEIGH — A college campus can be a scary place at night with dark streets and tall shrubbery. Some students took back their streets in the name of safety Thursday night.

Armed with flashlights, pens and paper, more than 60 N.C. State students participated in Night Walk, an annual event which gives students a chance to identify trouble spots on campus.

"We want N.C. State to be the safest place that it can possibly be," says Charles Lawley of N.C. State Student Government. "We know that we will make a difference. The place will be a lot more lit and a lot of the shrubs will be down. Hopefully, we will have a lot more safety on campus.

Students split into smaller groups and walked around campus looking for anything that could compromise safety, including overgrown bushes, broken light fixtures and areas that are too dark.

NCSU Public Safety officials and administrators went along with the students. Officials say they applaud the students' pro-active efforts.

"We want to be here and see what the students point out," says public safety officer John Barnwell. "We want to see with our own eyes because they can send us whatever they want on paper, but it is kind of hard without visualizing it ourselves."

Students walked the campus for more than two hours. Afterwards, they gave administrators a list of possible trouble spots that they identified.

The Night Walk program is in its fifth year. Each year, students say the problems that they report have been fixed.