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Raleigh Neighborhood Wins Battle Against Five Points Nightclub

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RALEIGH — A neighborhood pub in Raleigh has turned into a neighborhood nightmare. After years of lawsuits and countersuits filed by the pub and the people who live near it, the ordeal may soon be over.

A judge ruled Thursday that it was very unlikely that he will close down the nightclub. Tuesday, a jury awarded $289,000 in damages to 18 people who live near the Five Points Pub on Glenwood Avenue.

Residents in the area had fought the pub since it opened in 1995 and its expansion in 1997. They claimed the pub was too loud, caused too much traffic and created too much trash.

"I think everyone is tired. There was substantial evidence that was submitted to the jury that the problems that were caused in their neighborhood were being caused by patrons of the nightclub," says Bruce Thompson, attorney for the Raleigh neighborhood.

Charles McDarris, the attorney for Five Points Pub, says the problems had nothing to do with the establishment.

"We had testimony that there were 10 other businesses in the area that served alcohol," he says. "I don't know why they were targeting the pub. I think there was some personal animosity toward the owners."

The bar owners later sued the neighborhood for defamation of character. The neighborhood countersued.

Thompson says, "It's a very sensitive issue in one way because these are people who spoke out when the nightclub came to the neighborhood, they spoke out.

"They went to city council meetings. They wrote to the mayor and the governor and asked them to do something about this, and as a result, they got sued."

The neighbors and the bar owners declined requests from WRAL for interviews. The defense filed a motion Thursday for a new trial.

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