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Go to the Movies Without Leaving Home

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RALEIGH — Get the popcorn ready! Some of the best in entertainment is coming to a theater near you. You can go out for a night on the town without ever leaving your house.

John Heidel designs home theaters in Raleigh. He showed off one of his creations, which includes an eight-foot screen, 10 surround-sound speakers, reclining chairs and even a popcorn machine.

Heidel says increasing numbers of people are viewing home theaters as their ticket to home-bound happiness.

"They want to stay at home," he says. "They want to enjoy the family at home, and this is a particular room where you can do many, many things in it. So that's one of the things they like -- there's an entertainment facility."

Home-theater owners can watch videos and DVDs, play video games or work on the computer -- all with one remote control.

"Making it easy is the most important thing in the system, because no matter how good this equipment is, how awesome the picture looks, if they can't run it, then it's not a success," Heidel says.

The decor of home theaters ranges from contemporary to traditional. Their costs can run up to $100,000.

Anyone who is interested in experiencing a home theater can see different setups at theParade of Homesthis weekend.

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