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Hold the Mustard! Cumberland Booster Clubs Must Make Concessions on Food Sales

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FAYETTEVILLE — New food safety rules in Cumberland County could leave some fund-raising groups hungry for money.

TheCumberland County Health Departmentis making the groups who run concession stands at most of the county school-sponsored games and events follow strict new rules that could cut out some favorite foods.

"We have an obligation and a right to make sure the food is handled the best way we know how," says Wayne Stewart of the health department.

Parents say students will suffer from the new rule. Many school programs depend on how much money their school's booster clubs can make.

"We come up with a fundraiser to get the uniforms they need, to replace the instruments they have and to go on trips, " says Greg Jones, president of the Westover High School marching band booster club.

The rules will not put an end to booster-club sales at games. The groups can still sell pre-packaged foods, like chips and candy.

The groups will be allowed to sell prepared foods, like hot dogs and hamburgers, once a month. In order to sell those foods more often, a permit will be required.

The health department says it does not want to scare anyone. No one has gotten sick from eating at a booster-club concession stand. It just wants to make sure the food is safe.

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