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Community Cooperation May Solve Longtime Water Woes

Posted October 3, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Elm City residents do not take their water for granted. After long-standing water problems, the solution may be on the horizon.

The town of 1,700 people have been suffering through water problems for years. The situationdeteriorated this summer, prompting the town's two schools to be closed for a couple of days.

Town leaders thought they could solve their water problems with a new well. Contractors drilled more than 400 feet, but the crews hit solid granite.

Commissioners appear to have found a solution -- a water connection that will tap intoWilson'swater supply. The line will cost about $1.5 million, with the city of Wilson paying about half of the bill. Grant money should cover the rest of the tab.

"From now on, the citizens will be assured of a constant supply of water," says Elm City town commissioner Bill Braswell.

Braswell says that while Elm City still has a few hurdles to cross, including environmental regulations, the financial issues appear to have been resolved.

Wilson hopes the new water line will help spark industrial growth in areas between the two towns.