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In Praise of Nature, N.C. Museum of Art Welcomes Works of Ansel Adams

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RALEIGH — This summer'sRodin Exhibitbrought record crowds to theNorth Carolina Museum of Art, leaving many spectators feeling a bit more cultured. The museum's latest exhibit may put visitors more in touch with nature.

A display of photographerAnsel Adams'work opens at the museum Sunday.

Adams is arguably one of the most well-recognized photographers of all time. The collection of this work is expected to draw at least 75,000 people to the museum over the next three months.

Museum curator John Coffey says Adams had a knack for being at the right place at the right time, as demonstrated in a photograph called "Mt. Williamson."

"He was driving across this really rocky plain, looked out his window saw the way the clouds were coming together and how the lights were working on the boulders," says Coffey.

Visitors will be able to see more than 60 of Adams' most famous photographers as part of a collection called"In Praise of Nature."

Throughout his 70-year career, Adams used photography to document some of the most spectacular scenes captured of the American West, while also encouraging the preservation of our country in its natural state.

"Everybody is fortunate enough to have one or two of those moments when things come together, but to make a career of anticipating those moments and having the technical knowledge and skill to capture them on film -- I think it's one of Adams greatest achievements," says Coffey.

In addition to seeing Adams' photographs, the work of25 other photographerswill also be featured. The photographers represent more than 100 years of beautiful pictures since the mid 1800s.

Museum officials expect the exhibition will be a popular one, attracting the attention of nature buffs, amateur and professional photographers, and people who are just fans of Adams' work.

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