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Both North Carolina, Ohio Want To Have Wright Brothers On State Quarter

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WILSON — Next year, you could see an image of Orville and Wilbur Wright's first flight on North Carolina's new quarter. However, the state of Ohio says its quarter should get the image.

Some pilots from Wilson say Ohio should not be given too much credit for the Wright brothers' flight.

"Sure, they did a little homework there, I suppose, but North Carolina deserves the credit," says pilot Stan James. "They had the weather, the terrain, the where-with-all and the help to get it done. This is where it happened."

Pilot Roger Shanks lived in Indiana before moving to Wilson. He says all the work up north meant nothing before Kitty Hawk.

"They did all the work up there, but the proof of the work that they did was taken down here," Shanks says. "Without the proof that it would work, they had nothing."

Pilot Eddie Walston also believes North Carolina deserves being called "First in Flight."

"They had their flight here. It was proven that it could be done here because it was the best territory for what they were doing," Walston says. "I just think that it belongs to North Carolina rather than Ohio."

North Carolina has two advantages in the debate. The Wright brothers' plane is already on the license plates and North Carolina's quarter comes out a year before one is issued for Ohio.

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