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Raleigh's Old Warehouse District Experiences Surge In Growth

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RALEIGH — For people heading out for a night on the town, you may notice some changes in downtown Raleigh. One section of the downtown area is experiencing a real surge in growth.

New nightclubs restaurants, and condominiums are making the warehouse district a great place to eat, party and live.

While business is booming at the bars, another new club is under construction. Larry Carter hopes his Club Oxygen will breathe even more life into the hot neighborhood.

"At first, I was like, 'Well, there are a lot of businesses and a lot of competition,'" Carter says. "Now I feel like there are a lot of businesses that feed off of each other."

A few blocks away, the plush warehouse district condominiums of Park Devereaux are getting their last coat of fresh paint. Resident Cindy Gilbert loves the view from her balcony.

"It's kind of a little Atlanta, a mini Atlanta," Gilbert says. "You have the park, and you have all of the nice restaurants."

Errol Frailey of the Downtown Raleigh Alliance markets the area to prospective developers. He says more clubs, restaurants and museums are on the way.

"This is probably going to sprout over the next year or so," Frailey says. "I think you are going to hear about a lot of things all of them centered in the warehouse district. The interest now has focused on this area."

Two more nightspots are set to open in the warehouse district over the next few weeks.