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Chapel Hill Flood Still Affecting Families

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CHAPEL HILL — It has been two months since an overnight torrential rain flooded out residents of Camelot Village Apartments. But for some families, there may be a silver lining for owners of the flood-prone homes.

The flooding left dozens of residents knee deep in floodwater.

Nancy Phillips says she felt a sense of loss, and a lot of people did move out of the complex.

Phillips' apartment is one of 60 that flooded. She lived at her mother's house for six weeks while it was being repaired. P>"They took out 8 inches of the floorboard and the sheetrock," she said. "They took out the insulation, and they had to disinfect that. That was another night I couldn't stay there."

Trash and debris are piled up everywhere, but there's hardly a resident in sight. Thirty families moved out of Camelot Village for good. A family of three is still living in one water-damaged apartment, because they don't have anywhere else to go.

The property manager at Camelot Village declined our request for an on-camera interview, but said by phone that only 16 of the 60 flooded apartments have been repaired. He blamed the delays on the insurance company. He says the money is coming in now, and he hopes to have all of the apartments repaired in about two weeks.

Residents such as Mike Morgan, who owns his unit, got some good news in the mail Saturday. A letter from the homeowners' association says the town of Chapel Hill may pursue a buyout of Camelot Village. Morgan says he'd take that offer.

"I'd like to see FEMA come in tomorrow and buy it out. Turn it into its original state -- of park land of some kind," Morgan declared.

A buyout could take years, if it happens at all.

In the meantime, residents hope a third flood doesn't wipe them out again.


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