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Vandals Take Families' Sacred Treasures From Cemetery

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ROANOKE RAPIDS — A cemetery should be a sacred place for those who have passed away to rest in peace. However, the peaceful place has been disrupted in one town.

Small angels replace three large statues of Mary, Joseph and an angel that used to stand at a gravesite. They were stolen along with a wind chime a few days ago.

Tammy Massey is already dealing with the recent death of her mother and sister. She is trying to deal with the thefts.

"It's still very hard. For someone to come out here and take my loved ones stuff that we put out there for them," she says. "It's hard to live with."

Diane Tart also found three angels and a wind chime missing from her family's headstone. She says they were taken in broad daylight.

"These aren't the angels that you buy in the store," she says. "It took time to pick these out. These were very special."

Patricia Brown heard of the thefts at Cedarwood Cemetery. She came out to see if her figurines were still in place. All she found was the velcro where they once stood.

"You take the time to come out here and put this stuff up, and then somebody takes it like it's nothing," she says.

The women say they will not let the serenity of Cedarwood Cemetery be shattered by crooks.

"That's not going to keep us from putting stuff out," Tart says. "We're still going to keep putting stuff out to remember them by."

The police say they do not have any leads in this case. They plan to step up patrols at the cemetery. If you saw anything or have any information, you are asked to call Crimestoppers at252-519-4444.

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