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In Hoke County, Many Streets are Without Signs

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RAEFORD — Now you see them, now you don't. Street signs are a vanishing breed across Hoke County.

Timothy McQueen works in Hoke County's Street Maintenance Department. He is responsible for making sure signs get posted on streets.

Each week McQueen replaces an average 10 street signs all over the county. Some have been mowed down by farmers, others have been knocked down by vandals.

"I guess people don't have things to do on the weekends," he says.

Signs at 22 intersections have to be replaced, on average, three times a year.

"I'm the only person that does this, and it makes me mad to see my work destroyed," says McQueen.

Replacing signs gets expensive. Hoke County taxpayers pay up to $25 each time one sign gets destroyed.

Dottie Jacobs says that is unfair because she has not seen a sign on her street for the past seven years.

"It's hard with us out here... to get people out here for services and stuff," she says.

What is most important is the safety of residents. Street signs help to save lives by telling emergency crews where they need to go.

The county asks residents to report any signs that are missing so they can be replaced as quickly as possible.

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