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Voters Head to the Polls; Low Turnout Expected

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RALEIGH — Voters are heading to the polls for primary elections Tuesday, but state officials predict only about a quarter of those registered will cast ballots.

The race that will likely draw the most voters is the one for Governor.

The two democratic primary candidates are household names.

Attorney GeneralMike Easleyis calling for smaller classroom sizes and expanding preschool. He supports a state lottery as long as the money goes to improving education.

His challenger, Lt. GovernorDennis Wicker, also supports the lottery. He wants to use the money for a preschool program and college scholarships.

The Republican field includes Smithfield businessman and state lawmakerLeo Daughtry. He says parents, teachers and school boards need more freedom in education. He wants to trim the size and cost of state government.

Chuck Neelyalso has experience in the North Carolina legislature. The Raleigh attorney is calling for more than $500 million in tax cuts.

Former Charlotte MayorRichard Vinrootis running on a platform that includes smaller government, lower taxes and more local control.

Dr. Abe Holtzman says he does not think the Governor's race will be a big draw for voters because there is little distinction among the candidates.

For example, he says, "both democratic candidates are in favor of the lottery so you don't have a fight with them on that. All the republicans are against the lottery."

The fields for Lieutenant Governor, State Treasurer, Labor Commissioner and Agriculture Commissioner will all be narrowed in Tuesday's primary, and many North Carolina house and senate seats are up for grabs.

Fayetteville voters will also decide whether to cut the size of the City Council.

Polls are open from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.


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