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N.C. Highway Patrol Shopping for Cars with More Muscle

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RALEIGH — To keep up with faster cars on the road, theNorth Carolina Highway Patrolis considering buying faster cruisers.

The Highway Patrol says there is a very good chance motorists will see troopers driving Camaro Z28s in the near future.

The Highway Patrol says it needs cars with more muscle because many vehicles on the road are leaving its current fleet in the dust.

"We're impressed with the Camaro, we like what it can do," says Capt. David Munday. "It's a high performance automobile of course, and there's so many high performance cars out there -- especially on I-40 and I-85 and I-95 -- we needed something that we could be out there in with those cars."

The Highway Patrol claims the Z28 will cut down on high-speed chases because it can catch up to a fleeing car faster than the Fords troopers currently drive.

The state is phasing out its fleet of Mustangs, and says the Camaro is faster and has a better maintenance record.

Budget makers will decide in the fall whether the Highway Patrol will be driving Z28s.

With a fleet rate discount, the cars would cost the Highway Patrol about $19,000 each. That is a few hundred dollars more than the Fords and Chevys the Highway Patrol is driving now.

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