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Wet Weather Creates Problems On Roads For Motorists

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Rush hour slowed to a crawl Friday because there were too many wrecks and enough officers to go around.(WRAL-TV5 News)
RALEIGH — Rain caused problems for drivers and police in the Triangle area on Friday. Rush hour slowed to a crawl because there were too many wrecks and not enough officers to go around.

One accident happened on the inner Beltline at the Rock Quarry exit. It backed up traffic for at least two miles. Barbara Nelson was involved in another auto accident on the inner Beltline near the Capitol Boulevard exit.

She has some advice for motorists on the road.

"Just don't be in a hurry. Don't drive too fast," Nelson says.

An U-Haul company on Capitol Boulevard is trying to prevent a flooding accident. When rain starts falling, the trucks are moved to higher ground.

"By the time they come back, it's cleaned up, and the lot doesn't have water on it," says general manager Debbie Plough. "It's best to be safe than sorry."

Motorists are being advised to take it slow, and drive defensively if they have to be out on the roads.