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Your Old, Sentimental Toys Could Be Worth Thousands of Dollars

Posted August 24, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Check your closet. You may have an old toy that is someone else's treasure.

The International Toy Collectors Association is in Fayetteville this weekend to buy old toys for collectors. They are looking for toys more than 30 years old -- everything from Hot Wheels to Barbie dolls.

"My wife worked with me, and a lady came in and paid 50 cents for a Mickey Mouse wind-up toy at a garage sale and walked out with a $12,000 check," says Calvin Miller of the International Toy Collectors Association.

The event is being held at the Holiday Inn Bordeaux through Sunday.

It does not cost anything to have the toys valued. After you find out what they are worth, you do not have to sell them if you do not want to.