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QVC's $70 Million Distribution Center Opens in Rocky Mount

Posted September 19, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— The hype surrounding Edgecombe County's new QVC distribution center gave way to reality Wednesday. The center is now ready to live up to its promise of new prosperity for Edgecombe County.

The cable retail giant spent $70 million to bring the huge complex to the Rocky Mount area. About 400 people have been hired, and QVC plans to add another 400 employees over the next year.

The new jobs are a big boost to the area's economy. In July, Edgecombe County had an unemployment rate of 7 percent, compared with Wake County's unemployment rate of 1.6 percent.

Jobs at the center are expected to pay better than the county's average wages, and QVC has vowed to hire as many local residents as possible.

Town leaders hope the new warehouse will reduce the economic disparity between Rocky Mount's western and eastern sides. The western half of town tends to enjoy more economic growth than the eastern side.