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Man Heads Across North Carolina With Special 'Cross' To Bear

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DAVIDSON COUNTY — If you head west on Highway 64 anytime soon, look out for a man with a cross to bear. Tim Davis found God, turned his life around and started walking all the way across the entire state.

Bearing his cross and his soul, Davis answers to a higher calling along Highway 64.

"I started in Manteo 19 days ago," he says. "I felt this is what God wanted me to do."

The Roanoke Rapids construction worker plans to tote his homemade white pine cross on wheels and meager set of supplies 600 miles from Manteo to Murphy.

"I'm just walking. I'm not asking anyone for anything," he says. "It makes people aware. It makes them think, the cross does, where they stand on Christianity."

Each day, Tim reads his Bible and stops to meet curious people like Carlene Hicks.

"Anybody that can do that, it is such a clearing of your soul. It makes you feel so good," she says.

As he asks people to sign his cross, Davis talks about the rough road he has traveled. He is a recovering crack cocaine addict headed to Africa to become a missionary. His current trek has left his body sore, his feet blistered and his spirits lifted.

"When you're walking and you see the smiles on the other people's faces and the horns beeping and people stopping and waving, you just forget about that," he says. "What better job could you have than getting people into heaven. You can't ask for a better job."

Davis walks as much as 20 miles a day. He started back on September 1 and hopes to finish in mid-October.



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