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Dads Head To Boot Camp To Train For Fatherhood

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RALEIGH — Dads treasure the very first time they hold their newborn child. It can also be the scariest moment of new fatherhood. A monthly class in Raleigh for new fathers gives them an advance lesson in dealing with dirty diapers and 3 a.m. feedings.

A group of men atWakeMedin Raleigh are preparing for battle against diaper rash and colic in a class calledBoot Camp for New Dads.

"Most of the other classes are geared toward women, whereas, here it is just guys," says participant Dean Royals. "We can let loose a little bit about our cares, fears and concerns."

Gary Carlson says the class eases his concerns about his soon-to-be-born twins.

"I got to see how comfortable the other dads are with their kids," Carlson says. "That makes me feel good because when you hold a baby, it always feels a little strange to me. You don't know where their head goes, and you don't know what they are thinking."

Ken Tyndall is the drill sergeant for Boot Camp for New Dads and an experienced father.

"When the rookie dads see the veteran dads, how calm they are, and how cool they are, and don't panic when the baby goes ballistic, I think that is the biggest impact the class has," Tyndall says.

Anyone who would like more information on the class can call919-350-8235.