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Raeford Residents Claim Neighbor's Yard Is An Eyesore

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Several Raeford residents say Mary Peele's house is an eyesore. The kudzu is growing onto her neighbors' yards and is a health hazard for the children in the neighborhood.(WRAL-TV5 News)
RAEFORD — People living in a Raeford neighborhood say a neighbor's yard is an eyesore. They want the town to do something about it.

The house belongs to Mary Peele who now stays in an assisted living facility. It has been vacant since May of last year.

Sharon Caughey says the overgrown kudzu is taking over her yard and is a health threat to her and her family.

"We have a fly problem and a mosquito problem," she says. "We had mice in our house in the summer which is unusual for the summertime."

The city plans to contact the owner within the next seven days.

The Health Department says the vacant house is a public health nuisance. Owners must have the place cleaned up within the next 30 days.



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