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WRAL-TV To Air 1st Annual Latin Grammy Awards in Spanish

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RALEIGH — In an effort to reach out to Hispanic viewers throughout the country, CBS will make available to its affiliated stations a Spanish-language version of the 1st Annual Latin Grammy Awards via the second audio program (SAP). This is the first SAP offering of a CBS primetime entertainment special. The special will air on WRAL-TV5 on Wednesday, September 13th (9:00 PM -11:00 PM, EST).

The 1st Annual Latin Grammy Awards, hosted by Gloria Estefan, Andy Garcia, Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Smits, will present awards in 40 key categories covering many genres and sub-genres of Latin music. It will be the largest and most prestigious celebration of the creative spirit, artistic achievement and diversity found in today's Latin music.

The SAP allows stations that are equipped with the technology to use an additional audio channel to simulcast in a second language. Viewers can access the Spanish version by pushing the SAP or Multiple TV Sound buttons on their sets or remotes. On some remotes, viewers must press Menu for an on-screen set of choices that includes SAP or Multiple TV Sound. (Some older television sets do not have this capability.)

Emilio Estefan Jr. heads the list of nominees on the 1st Annual Latin Grammy Awards with six nominations honoring his work with some of Latin music's biggest acts including Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan. Crossover pop sensation Marc Anthony and Latin songstress Shakira each received five nominations. Anthony's nominations include the Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Pop Male Performance categories. Shakira's include Album of the Year and Best Pop Albums.

Earlier this year (May 14th), WRAL-TV aired the CBS mini-series "Jesus" in Spanish on its Secondary Audio Channel (SAP). "The SAP channel offers us a means of reaching the Hispanic audience with their native language" said Jim Griffin, WRAL-TV Station Manager. "It is important to us as a station that we serve the needs of our Spanish-speaking viewers as well as our English-speaking audience."

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