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Police Still Searching For Culprits In Roanoke Rapids Businessman's Death

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ROANOKE RAPIDS, N.C. — A bold midday killingr more than two weeks ago still has the whole town of Roanoke Rapids talking. Investigators say someone shot and killed 69-year-old Shelby Salmon in his loan office, just a few blocks from the police department on Feb. 2. Robbery was the motive.

"The victim was...robbed, forced to lay on the ground and was shot to death, and it's just cruel and heinous," said Roanoke Rapids Police Chief Chief Greg Lawson

They handed out thousand of fliers and followed up on more than 200 leads. So far, police have no suspects. Lawson said the slaying has been tough on the entire town, including his officers.

"It has touched us all, and frankly we want the person responsible for this behind bars," he said.

Police hope releasing more about the crime scene will help. Lawson said the suspect or suspects stole cash from the office, Salmon's wallet and a handgun. He believes the gun or wallet could be key to finding those responsible.

Investigators said they also spent quite a bit of time looking through business records here at Salmon's office. Police hope those records would give them a better idea of who Salmon had contact with on the day he was killed.

"It is important that we get the people responsible for this," said Lawson.

Salmon -- a husband and father of two -- was well respected and loved in the community. Investigators want to keep people talking until his murder is solved.

The victim's family and crimes stoppers are offering a combined $6,000 reward. If you have any information, call police.