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Jurors Continue To Deliberate In Home Depot Shooting Trial

Posted September 11, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Three men could soon learn their fate in the beating case of a manager at a Durham Home Depot store in November.

The jury deliberated Monday evening and most of Tuesday afternoon. Jurors sent a note to the judge and the attorney 4 p.m. Tuesday, saying they have questions about the legal concepts, "reasonable doubt" and "burden of proof" in the case.

The judge gave them additional instructions, and after a full day of deliberations, they were still not able to reach a verdict.

Jurors are deliberating the fate of Ronald Evans, Byron Howard and Aaron Dexter. All three defendants are charged with kidnapping, beating and shooting a Home Depot store manager after a botched robbery attempt.

Prosecutors say the defendants handcuffed the victim, shot him through the hand and locked him in a rental truck. Two men testified against the defendants in exchange for lighter sentences. One defendant said the men were willing to shoot a police officer if one stopped them.

The defense says the men are not credible because they agreed to a deal with prosecutors. Each of the defendants face five felony charges.

The jury will continue to deliberate on Wednesday.