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Some Dog Lovers Are In A Dilemma Over A Dalmatian

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HARNETT COUNTY — An ailing dog has started a feud in Harnett County. A group of dog lovers took a dalmatian they say was in danger of dying. The dog's owner claims the group went too far to save the dog. Now, both sides could face criminal charges.

Marrilie Tompkins and her friends claim the Moat family neglected their 3-year-old dalmatian, Duchess. Tompkins says after repeated calls, animal control finally sent someone to check out the situation last Friday.

"He didn't even get out of the truck," Tompkins says. "The man told him she was his pet, and she was loved by their children and that he was treating it with ointment."

Tompkins and her friends took Duchess to a veterinarian two days after the visit by animal control.

Dr. David Barkman said the dog had a severe uterus infection. Her rear end and tail were severely irritated and full of maggots.

Duchess' rear foot had fallen off, leaving only bones exposed with no tissue on them.

While at the vet, Duchess was spayed and her leg was amputated at the hip.

Cynthia Moats, Duchess' owner, says the dog's cable was wrapped around her leg a few weeks ago, but it was fine up until the birth of her puppies last week.

"I believe it was the afterbirth juices or whatever that rotted the skin off and just made it worse," she says.

The Moats say they called their veterinarian when they noticed Duchess' leg last week, but they could not afford to have it taken care of. They made a decision last weekend to have the dog put to sleep.

"We didn't want her dead. She was our dog, but we're glad she's fine," she says. "We want her back if that's the case."

The Harnett County District Attorney did not find enough evidence to file animal cruelty charges.

The Moats say they are pressing charges of theft of property and trespassing against the people who took Duchess.

Tompkins is paying Duchess' vet bill, which is already more than $1,000.

If you would like to help, donations can be made to:Highland Animal Hospital3602 Raeford RoadFayetteville, North Carolina 28304910-484-2131 or 910-484-5649