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Durham County Sheriff Deputies Take A 'Fresh Start' To Deter Crime

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DURHAM — Sheriff deputies in Durham are on the warpath. They are setting up roadblocks on the streets to clean up crime in an effort called Operation Fresh Start.

Tunisia Muhammed and her two girls live off of Alston Avenue in one of Durham's toughest neighborhoods. She says she is concerned about her daughters' safety and says Operation Fresh Start is long overdue.

"I think it is a good idea. We need more of that in our community," she says. "It will help the people in who want to be there and keep the people out who really don't need to be there."

More than 60 deputies with the Durham County Sheriff's Office blanketed a 20-block area Friday evening with checkpoints, foot patrols and drug raids. They decided to target the northeast central Durham area after neighbors complained about the increase of crime.

"Certainly, we are trying to send the message of strong law enforcement for the next couple of nights," says Sgt. Adam Clayton of the Durham County Sheriff's Office. "We are going to be out in the area from now on."

Deputies have made 30 arrests and issued more than 140 citations during Operation Fresh Start. Sheriff deputies say they plan to work with the Durham Police Department to clean up the area and make it safe for everyone.