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Raleigh Police Officers Will Soon Be Able To Take Their Cruisers Home With Them

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RALEIGH — More than 100Raleigh police officerswill soon be allowed to take their cruisers home. The policy will cost taxpayers more than $2 million, but the question is whether the new policy will translate into safer neighborhoods?

Officer Stuart Little does not like to take the job home with him at night, but he would like to take the car.

"It will save wear and tear on your personal vehicle," he says.

Officer Little and dozens of his colleagues will be allowed to take their cruisers home.

"You'll definitely see more cars parked in the residential areas of Raleigh, much more than what you normally would see," he says.

Only officers who live inside the city will be able to take cars home -- 124 officers out of a force of almost 700. Tara Britt of the Family Support Group for the Raleigh Police Department does not support the policy.

"We would like to have seen everyone benefit versus this small number," she says.

Little lives in Raleigh and says he does not have any worries.

"TheHighway Patrol, they get to take their vehicles home," he says. "They love it, and I would say that is very rare that their cars get tampered with or vandalized. I think it will be the same case with us."

The new policy is costing Raleigh taxpayers $2.8 million. That money is being used to buy 110 new police cars. Most of those cars will be in the city in November.


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