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Wayne County School Ends Its Relationship With Edison

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GOLDSBORO — While students atCarver Heights-Edison Schoolprepare for an upcoming music concert, the school staff is preparing for a big change. Edison is out.

"You can't help but feel a sense of loss when you feel that you are in the middle of that process, and you are not to have an opportunity to see it to fruition," says Pat Hrankowski, Edison Vice-President for Achievement.

The Edison Project took over operations of Carver Heights three years ago, running it jointly with Wayne County Schools. They also brought in new technology aimed at boosting achievement because the school was struggling.

This year, Carver Heights was rated low-performing by the state and sent an assistance team that sometimes clashed with Edison. The school's contract guarantees Edison a premium payment, but the board thought the $300,000 price tag was too high for the low-performing results.

In addition, a judge's recent mandate to give struggling students more attention drove the board to action.

"The ruling says we are going to have to find resources for all low-performing schools, so we feel like we can use that $300,000 to spread to all the schools," says Wayne County Schools spokesman Stan Allenye.

The school system plans to draw a new configuration for its downtown schools. Next fall, Carver Heights will be a third- and fourth-grade school run only by Wayne County.

Edison also loses the contract for Dillard Edison Junior Academy, which it ran for one year. The school board takes up its new plan at next month's meeting.

The superintendent says all Carver and Dillard teachers will be offered a job. The changes will begin next fall.

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