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Fayetteville Residents Upset Over Author's Comments About City

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FAYETTEVILLE — Some Fayetteville residents are fired up about an author's comments describing the city. TheChamber of Commerceis so upset that they are encouraging neighbors and business owners to take a stand in defense of the city's image.

The opening of the newAirborne and Special Operations Museumand a growing downtown district has Fayetteville making its mark as a revitalized city. However, some people say it is still just a military town.

Author Sheila Turnage, a resident of Farmville, wrote a travel guide on cities in the state. In her book, she describes Fayetteville as a city with a "sky-high testosterone level."

She also paints a picture of Fayetteville with adjectives like "flashing neon" and "platoons of topless bars."

Maurice Allan, a barber who was born and raised in Fayetteville, says Turnage's remarks are a slap in the face.

"I was a little offended because there was more negativity in what she wrote other than what people should know about the city," he says.

Allan's co-worker, Ezekiel Haines, says Turnage's description was pretty accurate, although he admits it is kind of harsh.

"I kind of agree with her," he says. "When I first got here last year in October, I felt that same atmosphere."

Although both men have different views on the city they call home, they agree that Fayetteville can never start a new beginning until people look past old stereotypes.

Turnage says her remarks are simply her opinion. She says she does not mean to offend anyone.