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Witness Testifies Against Co-Defendants In Home Depot Shooting Trial

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Kevin Bowling testified against his co-defendants Wednesday in the Durham shooting trial of a Home Depot store manager.(WRAL-TV5 News)
DURHAM — The trial of three men accused of kidnapping, beating and shooting a Home Depot manager continued in Durham Tuesday. One of the men who says he was involved in the attack has been on the stand testifying against the defendants for the last two days.

Mike Maggiori, a Home Depot manager, says a man in a ski mask held a gun to his head after he closed the store on November 10. Maggiori got away, but on November 28, another store manager was not as lucky.

Prosecutors say Ronald Evans, Byron Howard, Aaron Dexter and four other men kidnapped, beat and shot a store manager from the same Home Depot.

Kevin Bowling says he was one of seven men involved in the November 28 attack. He admits pushing the store manager to the ground and holding a gun to his head while the manager pleaded for his life.

Bowling says the victim was tied up, shot through the hands and locked in a Ryder truck. A police officer showed the jury photographers of the truck where the victim was found the next day.

The defense attacked Bowling's story and his credibility. Bowling is charged with 12 felonies, but he will receive a lighter sentence in exchange for his testimony.

The prosecution says they may put the victim of the attack on the witness stand Thursday.



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