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Open Container Law Goes Into Effect With Mixed Opinions

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RALEIGH — North Carolina wants to make sure people on the road know that drinking and driving do not mix. A new open container law bans passengers from drinking in the car.

Thomas White is usually the designated driver when his friends are drinking. He says he does not have a problem if his friends decide to drink as long as he plays it safe.

"I think they pushed the law too far," he says. "I think the passengers should be able to drink alcohol if the driver is not drinking."

North Carolina decided to crack down on passenger drinking when Congress threatened to pull millions of dollars in highway funding.

Some people think the new law is right on the money.

"You know you don't have to drink quite so much," says driver Ian Worthington. "You can go to a party, stay, have a few and spend the night."

The new law does not apply to motor homes and limousines. If you are in the passenger seat and have a open container, it will be a $10 fine plus $90 in court costs.