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Nightclub Owner Upset Over Increased Police Presence At Outdoor Event

Posted August 31, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— A planned Outdoor Festival and Bike Fest in Rocky Mount is riding a wave a negative publicity. The man behind the event is defending his business reputation.

Herman Jones says entertaining is a way of life. He has run the Ebony & Ivory Supper Club for more than a decade.

"Just seeing people have a good time, I enjoy that. I must give to my people," Jones says.

Jones' next entertainment venture could draw hundreds of people to his outdoor recreation area. The potential crowd is one reason the Rocky Mount Police Department plans to have extra officers on duty along Church Street. A similar event last year got out of hand.

"A group of business owners sat down with me and explained the concerns of personal liability that they are facing," Hogan says. "They explained the concerns of the trepassing, the litter and other things that spring from this event."

Some businesses have gone so far as to put up No Trepassing signs.

"We just want to protect ourselves, protect the trucks and protect the property" says Gregg Baines, who works at a nearby truck dealership.

Jones says the treatment by his fellow business owners is unfair.

"We have been affected by this event by what has happened already. We are still going to have the event because this is something from my heart," Jones says.

Jones says city officials offered up another location, but he rejected that suggestion. He says he has already spent enough money getting his place of business set up for the event. The Outdoor Festival and Bike Fest is scheduled for Sunday in Rocky Mount.