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Wake Forest Woman Has 'Bad Hair Day' At Beauty Salon

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WAKE FOREST — A Wake Forest woman had a hair-raising experience at a salon, and now her hair is falling out.

While Sheree Dickens' hair was being treated, the town shut off the water, which meant there was no way to flush out the treatment.

"They couldn't understand. I was like, 'My client is burning,'" says hairstylist Tabitha Cole.

Dickens says her hair was damaged and her scalp was burnt.

"By the time they cut the water back on and they rinsed me, it was painful," she says. "It actually burnt my scalp so it was open sores like running water over a cut."

The town turned off the water to the entire shopping center the salon is in. There is a debate whether the all businesses were warned.

Town managers were not available Thursday for comment.