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AAA Carolinas Wants Drivers To Keep Eyes On Road, Not Cell Phones

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FAYETTEVILLE — A major motorist group wants to take cell phones out of drivers' hands so they will keep their eyes on the road.

Studies show talking on a cell phone is as dangerous as driving drunk.AAA Carolinasare proposing a bill that would disconnect the use of handheld cell phones while driving.

"What we are trying to do is make people aware of the situation and to think about the situation that they are distracted at the time they are driving and using handheld phones," says Anne Shearer, AAA Carolinas assistant manager.

For Joseph Newman, his cell phone is his lifeline. He says he does not want to see the phones completely outlawed.

"I have had to use mine in case of an emergency three different times, and I was able to get immediate help," Newman says.

Like Newman, Danny West admits cell phones are helpful in certain cases. However, he says safety should come first.

"I think people need to use a hands free unit while driving," he says. "It will take them away from the phone conversation."

TheState Highway Patrolhas just started tracking how many accidents in the state are the result of cell phone use.

AAA Carolinas suggests using a hands-free device with either headphones or a microphone that clips on the car's sun visor.


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