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Girl Given 31-Month Prison Term In Grandmother's Poisoning

Posted August 29, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— A judge sentenced a 16-year-old girl to at least 31 months in prison this week after she was convicted of slipping Lithium into her grandmother's glass of milk.

Danielle Denise Hord received a prison term of between 31 and 47 months, the maximum sentence for someone without a prior conviction.

Hord was a 15-year-old, rising ninth-grader at Hunter Huss High School when she poisoned her grandmother, Gracie Mae Harper, in July 1999.

Prosecutors say the girl offered to make a lunch of sandwiches and milk for her mother, Shelia Adair, and grandmother, on a Saturday afternoon.

Harper was hospitalized for three days. She says she continues to have hallucinations and medical trouble because of the overdose. Lithium is used to treat manic-depression and mania.

Hord admitted she put between eight and 10 Lithium pills prescribed to her mother in a glass of milk, along with 17 other pills.

Hord says she's not sure why she gave her grandmother pills, except that she was tired of being told she was fat and didn't have any sense.