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U.S. To Be Sued in Diana Case

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The father of Dodi Fayed said Wednesday that he would file suit in U.S. District Court to gain access to whatever information the United States might have about the Paris car crash that killed his son and Princess Diana three years ago.

``We have a lot of unanswered questions but without the cooperation of the United States government, I don't believe we ever will get'' the answers, said John McNamara, director of security for Harrods, which is owned by Mohamed Al Fayed.

McNamara told a news conference Wednesday that a CIA official and two FBI officials were assigned to the case.

``Not one individual in the United States has been prosecuted. ... to this day nothing has happened,'' he said. ``Not one move has ever been made by U.S. authorities.

In videotaped and written statements, Al Fayed repeated his claim that the Aug. 31, 1997, deaths were a murder conspiracy plotted by people who did not approve of Diana's relationship with his son.

``Since that tragic day three years ago I have not rested in my search for the truth,'' he said in the written statement.

Al Fayed said he was seeking documents from the National Security Agency, which he said monitored telephone conversations with Diana, and the CIA.

``The United States' intelligence gathering network, which through the most sophisticated satellite systems, allowed the NSA to spy on Diana,'' he said. He said files on the monitored conversations were passed on to British intelligence.

Doubts already has been cast on a number of allegations Al Fayed has made in connection with Diana's death, including that a mysterious nurse imparted last words from the princess and that Diana and Dodi Fayed planned to marry.

Al Fayed's lawyer, Mark Zaid, said he would file a Freedom on Information lawsuit Thursday in U.S. District Court in Washington.

Zaid said they were seeking information related to more than 20 individuals and events related to the deaths.

``No one suspects the U.S. government was involved,'' he said.

But he said he was concerned that information was being withheld.

Al Fayed was more specific. ``I believe they are withholding some of the documents at the request of the British Secret Service,'' he said.

At the news conference, McNamara and Zaid showed security camera footage of Diana and Dodi Fayed before the accident, in an attempt to dispute allegations that the driver of the car was drunk.

The driver, Henri Paul, was employed by Al Fayed.

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