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Harnett County Teenager Gets Her Wish: A Chance To Meet WWF's The Rock

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DUNN — If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be? A girl had a wish to meet The Rock from theWorld Wrestling Federation, and her wish came true Tuesday.

Crystal Arnold spent all day getting ready to meet The Rock. She went to the salon to get her hair and nails done for her meeting with the superstar.

Arnold's obsession with The Rock began after she had a stroke two years ago. Up until then, she had a normal life, even though she suffers from a life-threatening condition called hydrocephalus. Since that time, she has had 32 brain surgeries and has severe headaches and seizures daily.

Arnold's "rock" has helped her through it all.

"He has really helped her get through some hard times," says Marie Outland, Crystal's mother. "She would be in some pain at the hospital with tubes hanging out of her head, and he comes on TV and she lights up like Christmas."

Arnold was so excited that she thought she may not be conscious for her meeting.

"I told my mom and my family that if I pass out, don't catch me. Only The Rock," Arnold says. "I've never been to the prom so this is my prom."

Arnold's opportunity came when someone wrote a letter to the WWF about her. She received a limousine ride, two tickets to Tuesday's wrestling event at the Crown Coliseum and a chance to talk with The Rock.

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