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Cary Authorities, Raleigh Hazmat Team Respond To Chemical Spill

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CARY — Dozens of people are back in their homes after a chemical spill shut down a section of a local subdivision Tuesday.

Cary Police closed off Lochmere Drive near the Summerwinds subdivision after someone noticed a yellow substance on the street.

The Raleigh Hazmat team neutralized the chemical, identified as muratic acid, by spraying the area with water. Muratic acid is used by construction companies to clean concrete.

When crews first arrived at the scene, they had no idea what they were dealing with.

"We went through the neighborhood, advising neighbors to stay in the house until we can identify it and immediately called the Raleigh Hazmat team," says Max Garris of the Cary Fire Department.

Garris says when muratic acid mixes with water it can change color and create a vapor.

No one was injured and no environmental damage was detected. The scene was cleared at 10 p.m.



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