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Some Garner Cats Dying Mysteriously

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GARNER — People with outdoor pets around Garner and south Raleigh need to keep an eye on what their animals are eating.

Several of Richard Bower's cats have been fatally poisoned since Thursday. He says numerous strays have also died mysteriously around his neighborhood after suffering convulsions for hours.

Bower came home from work Thursday to find four dead cats on his porch.

"After walking through the property, I found four more cats that were well on their way to dying," Bower said, "It's so painful that when I watch a pet food commercial, tears come to my eyes."

In the last four days, Bowers says he has found 20 dead cats around his yard.

Judi Lowry, an animal control officer, says tests for pesticides on the four cats' remains came back negative. Veterinarians will now take a biopsy of the cat's kidneys and check for anti-freeze poisoning.

If those tests come back negative, then they will check for other poisons such as strychnine. should at least uncover the cause of death. The results should be in by Tuesday or Wednesday.

"I guess my gut hope is that somebody put something out and didn't realize that cats would get to it," she says.

It is against state law to willfully poison animals.

If you have any information about the deaths of the cats, call Wake County Animal Control at919-250-1475.

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