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Wilson Breeder Puts on the Dog

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WILSON — Dog lovers in the market for a pure breed puppy can find one several ways -- with a vet, groomer, classified ads or by searching on the Internet for a local breeder.

Down a country road in Wilson, Nell Boykin has been in the puppy business for over 15 years. During that time, Bluefield Kennels has specialized in pure breeds, most recently, the Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese pup.

In an organized and clean environment, Boykin runs a tight ship at Bluefield Kennels, keeping tabs on everything from how many morsels the tiny critters just gobbled for lunch to records and photos of where her babies have gone to live.

There is no school for breeders to attend. Your only hope is that the business you choose is based on integrity and honesty, Boykin says.

"You have a top line and a bottom line, and we have to be honest about that, and to do that I give the very best possible puppy that I can breed," she says.

When choosing a breeder, experts say there are several things you need to consider.
  • Are the animals given plenty of space in their cage to exercise, and is the area clean?
  • Is the floor solid and not metal wiring? Puppies can develop medical problems without the proper surface.
  • Can you see the mother and father, are they on the premises?
  • Is there a written guarantee with the dog that should any congenital defect occur within the first year, the pup will be replaced.Boykin adds that, most of all, buyers need to consider the dog an emotional and financial investment for the family. Take your time, and do not let your children make the final decision.
  • "There is a puppy for every family, but every puppy is not for every family," Boykin says.

    When the American Kennel Club (AKC) inspected Bluefield Kennels, the inspector reported it as one of the top five best in the state. Reporter: Susan Dahlin


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