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Specialized Golf Carts Are The Latest Craze In Benson

Posted August 24, 2000 7:00 a.m. EDT

— One may expect to see golf carts on lush fairways, carrying golfers and bags full of clubs, but they are not just for playing 18 holes anymore. One town is taking them off the beaten path.

L.E. Johnson has been selling golf carts for six years. Most people buy them not for the links, but for the streets.

"I set up on Mule Days weekend. I sell a right many of them then," he says.

Next month, Benson's main street will be full of mules for the Mule Days celebration. People buy the carts just so they can get around. Some have more options than others.

Johnson sells them as fast as he can get them ready.

He has golf carts in prices ranging from $450 and higher. His Jeep Commanchee golf cart is worth $5,500, but he is not selling it because he says he is a little partial to it. He plans to ride it in the Mule Days celebration.

The cart craze is not just for adults. Santosha Davis is buying a specialized golf cart for her daughter's ninth birthday.

"It used to be go carts, but now it's like that's not even in anymore. All the kids talk about is they want a golf cart," Davis says. "I'm excited cause I'm ready to ride it too."

Many of the golf carts Johnson sells are road-ready, which means they are licensed and can pass a regular car inspection. They can go about 20 miles per hour.